Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Still Counts As Snow!

While there was no white stuff falling from the sky today, there's still remnants of it on the ground - so it still counts as snow on Kaitlyn's birthday! That's snow on her first birthday, her second, third and fourth! No snow the year she was born, though. We're definatley hoping to end this trend for next year!
Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn! I can't believe you're 4 already!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter Wonderland

It's dumping snow outside right now, so I had to set up my Christmas Village, even though it's before Kaitlyn's real birthday. I try not to set up Christmas stuff before it's her birthday to keep it more special, but we had her party on Saturday and it's snowing now, so up it went! Besides, it's really more of a Winter Village than a Christmas village. It's certainly not the village Baby Jesus was born in! His "village" aka Nativity scene will wait until Friday.

Come by and see it IRL (in real life) - pictures don't really capture the atmosphere of all the little glowing houses. This is the first year I've got the little duck pond and train station up, too!

Kaitlyn's Birthday Party

We celebrated Kaitlyn's 4th birthday on Saturday with lots of family who came over to help with the festivities. Auntie Kendra made another amazing creation! Kaitlyn requested a My Little Pony unicorn cake and look how great it turned out! Not that we ever doubted! Of course no child's birthday is complete without a pile of presents. And Rachael was right there to help out. She got lots of fun presents, but the favorite was the Ponyville teapot house that plays music. Often. And not very quietly. I think it's time for this toy to go downstairs to the play room where they can play it all they want!

She has to wait until her real birthday to get presents from Mom and Dad. You can't have a real birthday without some presents, even if it's not the day you have the party.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Miss Independant

Little Miss Independant here (not even 4 years old yet!) knows how to make her own Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich. She can do it all by herself - she just needs help with taking off the lids and getting the bread out of the freezer.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post- Wind Storm Campfire

With all the trees and branches that fell down on Sunday and Monday we decided to go across the street to the new lot and have a little campfire. It was never a very big fire. The wood was too wet, but the girls had lots of fun.

Apparently some of you don't know about the new blog all about building our new house. Well there's a link to the left of this blog called "The House That Darcy Built" or you can just click here for all the latest on how our house is coming along. We're getting forms for the foundation tomorrow and they pour it on Friday. Then about a week to get all the services in and back fill it, then around the 26th Darcy will start to frame it!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

The girls had fun Trick-or-Treating yesterday. Kaitlyn dressed up as a scarry lion. She walked around for about half and hour and that was enough for her. Rachael and Daddy went a bit longer. Rachael dressed up as a butterfly. It was nice she could put her wings on over top of her jacket because it was COLD last night! Daddy took them around the neighbourhood while Mommy stayed home (where it was WARM!) and handed out candy. We had maybe 30 kids. After a while I was giving out big handfulls of candy and we're still left with a ton of leftovers. Not that they won't get eaten. But we had way more kids at the last house than here. Next year I'll have to remember to buy less candy. (Or, maybe not!)