Friday, April 23, 2010


Jaden sure loves his shoes! He gets so excited and will start hissing like a snake, "Sssss, ssss," which is his word for shoes. If you listen closely you can hear him say it.
And when he can't have his shoes, he makes his own! I love the "blink" at the start of the video when he thinks the camera flash will blind him. So cute!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Traditions

This year was the 10th year that Auntie Kendra put on an Easter Egg Hunt for the cousins. (Rachael was 3 weeks old at the first one!)It was a little rainy this year. Actually, it was pouring when it was time to hunt eggs, and right after it turned sunny! Figures. But the girls wanted to hunt in the rain, anyway.They got a little wet, but but they still had lots of fun.Jaden was very good at finding the shinny little chocolate eggs and putting them in his basket, but then he wanted to eat them, foil and everything! Not a good idea, seeing as they're choking hazards and all.This year instead of filling the eggs with goodies, they were filled with clues to find a big Easter basket full of fun stuff... like stringy paper! After the hunt the girls made
a sweet flower craft
while the boys just played.Thanks for another great Easter, everyone!