Monday, February 21, 2011

Jaden's 2nd Birthday Party

This was not only Jaden's 2nd birthday party because he turned two,
it's also his second two-year-old party!
Wow, does that mean he gets 10 parties when he's 10? Um, no.
We had the family over to celebrate and Auntie Kendra didn't disappoint! Jaden loves diggers so what could be better than a cake with diggers on it that you can play with later! And rocks that you can eat. Yummy.
Jaden and Johnathan got to sit at their own table at supper time. Big boys.
The tools were a big hit!
And every boy needs a fire truck or two.
Jaden tried to sing along at "Happy Birthday" time and then blew out the two candles we lit.
He's growing up so fast.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jaden's New Room

Because Jaden's room gets so hot in the summer we decided to switch it with the craft room. And because Darcy had a slow week this week we decided now was the time to do it.
We got some hand-me-down curtains from cousins and got paint to match.
I'm avoiding a big-boy-bed as long as possible!
And this is the new craft room.
I purged the kids' junk and even managed to squeeze in my ancient sewing maching.

Jaden's Two!!!

Hard to believe, but Jaden had his second birthday yesterday. Jaden helped make his birthday cake. Then he got to lick the bowl.
We had his friend Nadiya over to help celebrate. It was her birthday just three days before Jaden's.
Jaden got some cars for his birthday.
All boys love cars.
And then we had birthday cake.
Happy birthday little man!