Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Second Christmas

Yesterday we had "second" Christmas with Darcy's family. After waffles for brunch we opened some gifts. Naturally, there were lots of presents for the kids.

Grandma really liked the calendar we made for her.

Jaden and Grandpa liked the Magna-Doodle. And Mommy likes that Jaden can draw, but not on everything!

Jaden found a new Christmas decoration to hang on the tree.

That night the kids wore new PJ's to bed.

Merry "second" Christmas!

Monday, December 27, 2010

First Christmas

This year we're having two Christmases - the first was on the 25th and the second will be tomorrow, on the 28th. The girls were so excited Christmas morning, while Jaden still had the, "Why did you wake me up?" look about him.
He figured it out pretty fast, and then he was excited, too.
Rachael and Kaitlyn helped Jaden get his presents started for him. That way it was almost like opening even more presents!
Jaden's favorite presents were the digger that makes noise and the box it came in. I decided to take the digger out of the original packaging before wrapping it and am I ever glad I did! It took about half an hour to get it out of the box!
After breakfast we went to Gramps and Grams house for more Christmas fun with the cousins.
Jaden and Johnathan are all set for sand box fun with their new digger sets.
The kids also got a new toboggan! Now all we need is snow. Or not - I'm fine with that, too.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Time

I'm not sure what it is, but something about these mugs of hot chocolate I made for the girls and their friends seems festive. I came down from doing laundry and found the mugs all neatly placed on the napkins and it looked Christmas-y. (OK, I straightened the chairs, but still!) Rachael can't ask for a dog this Christmas! She still loves Caspian, but he's a lot of work and still very much a puppy, which can be annoying sometimes. Jaden is riding his Christmas train with all his favorite things - his blanket, Hobbes, Bear and Piwow (pillow). Being the curious boy that he is we couldn't put the presents under the tree early this year unless we wanted them all opened! He'll be much more into opening presents than he was last year. Christmas is so much more fun when you can spend it with little kids.