Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Somebody's Birthday Today!

Guess who's 3 today!
It's Kaitlyn!
Today is her real birthday and on Saturday we're having her "pretend" birthday party.
Auntie Kendra is going to make her a Curious George birthday cake!
Bringing Rachael to school everyday gets a little soggy sometimes so Kaitlyn got her very own umbrella - a Ducky one even! Though instead of rain like usual here on the Wet Coast we have snow. It snowed on Kaitlyn's 1st birthday; it snowed on Kaitlyn's 2nd birthday; it snowed on Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday. This may not sound unusual, but around here... this is very strange!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So Much Snow!!!

Well, we've had our share of snow for this winter already! It started snowing Saturday night and just kept on snowing and snowing and snowing! 24 hours of steady snow.
And we're not talking a few flakes here and there, we're talking about a major dumping. But at least we've got two snow days home from school so far. Darcy stayed home on Monday but braved the elements on Tuesday. The roads are ice. Snow removal is practically non-existant. Even the major roads weren't plowed yet. Traffic on the freeway was crawling this morning. The world shuts down when it snows around here.
It's Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday on Wednesday. It snowed on her first birthday a little; it snowed on her second birthday a bit more; her third birthday is looking like there's still going to be major snow around here with more on the way! That may not sound like a big deal for November, but it just doesn't snow around here! If it does, it's usually in January.
Giddy-up, Uncle Gord!
Who needs a horse when you've got an uncle who'll pull you around the yard!
Not exactly the best of sleighs, but it'll do in a pinch.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Princesses in the Making

Rachael and Kaitlyn had to try on their Flower Girl dresses for Gram.
Practicing for Princesses Day (aka Uncle Brian and Auntie Andree's wedding!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Chain Letter? She's Not Even 3!!!

Wasn't Kaitlyn surprised to be getting something in the mail today. I thought it might be a birthday invitation or something like that. But, no. A chain letter. She's two years old and it's started already?!?!

This chain letter was for the sticker club. Send a pack of stickers to the two named on the letter and then send the letter to 12 friends. 12 friends? She doesn't even have 12 friends!!! (OK, so I looked at the letter again, and it's 12 copies of a letter, 2 sent to 6 friends, but still!)

Then the letter goes on to give you a guilt trip. "It isn't fiar to those kids who have already participated if you don't follow." Well, I do feel kind bad because we know the two girls named in the letter, but I think we'll probably just get them a pack of stickers. There's no way I'm forwarding a chain letter.

At least this one didn't go on about 7 years bad luck if you don't!

Who You Calling Scruffy-Looking?

It was cold working outside for a few days a couple of weeks ago, so Darcy decided to grow a beard. The rest of us were not impressed. He had it for 2 weeks, then it started to itch, so Darcy told me if I took a picture of him with the girls he'd shave it off! Yay!
Good bye and Good riddance!