Friday, April 18, 2008

Newsboys Concert

Darcy and I went to our very first concert together - after 11 years! We went down to Seattle for the Newsboys Go tour and it was amazing! Very fun, very loud. The girls stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa. The next day we went to the Pike St. Public Market and wanered around for a bit. It wasn't raining but it was very windy! We found the very first Starbucks, and being such coffee lovers (?) we had to take a picture! On the way home we drove through a snow storm! In April? Crazy!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Seeing as Dale and Cee come visit us so little (the last time was when I was pregnant with Rachael!) we decided to take a day trip to Vancouver.
We hopped on the SkyTrain and SeaBus and headed over to Lonsdale Quay.
We had pretty good weather, though not nearly as nice as it was on Saturday. But still, it wasn't raining and the sun did make a bit of an appearance.
We had icecream and walked around the shops a bit before heading back for supper at Mr. Ho's.

Scavenger Hunt

Because Easter was in the middle of Spring Break this year and some people were away (and because it was really, really, cold then, too!) we had our "Easter Egg Hunt" this last weekend. Except it wasn't Easter, so we had to do something a little bit different. So we had a scavenger hunt and obstacle course race. The weather was perfect! It was sunny and very nice and warm as we trekked out to the woods to look for different kinds of flowers, twigs in the shape of letters, feathers, different kinds of leaves and other woodland wonders. They also had to find someone with pocket lint to share, and 12 cents.
When they had gathered all these treaseures they got a sticker on their sheet of paper, saying they had completed it.
Next came the obstacle course. They started by showing off their skills at basketball by dribbling and taking a shot at the net, then they jumped 10 jumps on the trampoline and then it was off to climb the "rock" wall and slide down the slide.
Then they hopped in the sac
crawled through a tent, over some "hurdles", weaved around some buckets and skipped around a tree.
Then they crawled under or jumped over a bar, practiced their agility stepping in hoops
crawled through a tunnel, through another tent and, using a badminton racket, hit a balloon around the trampoline - which was difficult to do with the uncooperative breezes.
After another sticker for completing the obstacle course they had to do some playdough art, making a beach scene.
Then it was time for spelling. They spelled the word "FUN!".
After getting stickers for completing all these events they got an Easter basket full of goodies. Thanks, Auntie Kendra, for another fun day!
And of course there was lots of food and time for play. The girls had a blast playing with their cousins and second cousins and can't wait to do it again soon!

Friday, April 04, 2008

More Excitement On Our Street...

Well, the excitement never ends on our street! That's why we're moving. So far away, I know. For two hours last night there were six police cars sitting outside our house. Three of them were ghost cars. Darcy talked to one of the neighbours who talked to the cops, and they said they were waiting for something to happen further down the street. But they were sitting facing the main road. You'd think they'd be wanting to block the get-away path. But maybe they were waiting for someone to come home, so they parked down here so they wouldn't be quite as visible. Probably some grow-op they were going to bust or something. At 9:00 they just all sped away. No lights or sirens, they just drove off past where I could see them. Weirdness.