Monday, May 26, 2008

BEE Nice

Kaitlyn and I went with Rachael and her class to the Honeybee Centre where they learned all about bees. They even got to see them up close and personal. Don't worry, there's glass between them and the beekeeper and, more importantly, the bees! They got to taste some honeycomb and "royal jelly" that bees make only for the queen. After learning all about bees they got to plant a sunflower.
They were going to paint the flower pots there, but we ran out of time because the paint would have still been wet getting on the bus. So they decorated them in the classroom.
They had lots of fun, and even got to sample some honey from different flowers. We tried blackberry honey and it was yummy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Path Of Least Resistance

We found a quick shortcut to the slushie store! Our neighbours told us there was a path at the back of our new yard, on the other side of the fence - hence the gate back there. It takes us to the overpass, and just on the other side of that is the 7/11 and the IGA. The path is a bit hard to find at times, and sometimes it's very narrow, right beside a steep drop-off, but it took less than 10 minutes to make our slushie run today. If you followed the road, it would probably take you 20 minutes! And then you'd have to put up with all that traffic! We also found some cherry trees back there and a bunch of blackberry bushes. I think we'll be using that path a lot this summer!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunny and 20???

The weather forecast for Sunday was nothing but sun and 20 degrees. Well, it was more than just a little cloudy and definately not 20, but we went to the zoo as planned anyway. After church we picked up some lunch to eat with the lions and tigers. (No, this is not lions and tigers in the picture.)
Rachael and Kaitlyn were excited to see Rachael's favorite animal, the mountain goat.
I think we scared them away.
We had fun, even though it wasn't as nice weather as we were expecting. We'll be back again.