Monday, December 18, 2006

Something's Fishy...

So we've had our first pet. Past tense. Uncle Brian and Auntie Andree had fish as centre pieces for their wedding reception and we got to take one home to keep. Rachael and Kaitlyn named him (or her, I guess) Bubbles. That was Saturday. So Sunday we went out and bought some fish food for it. Then Monday morning I noticed the fish was "swimming" vertically. Not a good sign. So we had to have a little toilet-flushing ceremony. Oh, well. The girls weren't too upset. I had just finished telling them that he probably wouldn't live for very long - though I had anticipated a life span a little bit long than this!

Here Comes The... Flower Girls!

Rachael and Kaitlyn got to be flower girls for Uncle Brian and Auntie Andree's wedding and they did an awesome job!
They were very brave walking down the aisle.
(Unfortunately the camera wasn't cooperating, so no picture of that :-(
They said that it wasn't even too scary. Mommy and Daddy were in the front pew and Uncle Brian had candy for them so there was no where else to go!
The girls sure do love their new Auntie Andree!
Lots of twirling in those beautiful dresses Gram made! And Auntie Andree even bought them little tiaras, so this was really Princess Day!
Can't pass up an opportunity for a family photo when everyone is all dressed up!

Monday, December 04, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Once again there was snow on the ground when we got our Christmas Tree! Two years in a row! Rachael and Kaitlyn helped Mommy decorate.

Curious George Party!

Kaitlyn had a Curious George Birthday Party for her third birthday. And once again Auntie Kendra made an awesome birthday cake! She's amazing! (To see the creation of this cake visit: )And Auntie Shannon brought Curious George balloons, plates and napkins. And, most importantly, Mommy found Curious George scrapbook paper for her scrapbook!

Lots of presents!
Lots of fun!