Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pender Island

After going to Pender Island three years ago the girls were dying to go back.  So this summer we went with Gramps & Gram, Oma, Brian & Andree and their kids, and Jeff came out for a couple of days.  The boys loved the ferry ride!  
 We rented a house that had a great view with ferries passing by every half hour or so
and beautiful sunsets in the evening.
These three spent many hours in the "warm tub."
We went exploring the beach
for sea creatures
and sea glass.
We didn't find anything washed up from the tsunami, except for maybe this coconut???
 We saw sooo much wildlife:
75 deer (only 5 had antlers)
16 orcas
24 seals
6 vultures
lots of sea stars, jelly fish and sea anemones
1 snake
1 heron
1 mink
and 1 dolphin. 
To name a few.  But the highlight was seeing this little guy sunning on the beach for over an hour:
 I think that's the highlight of Rachael's entire life!!!  You can't even get that close at the aquarium!

 Playing frisbee golf was lots of fun, too.
 Yes, we had fun young and old.  Well, I don't know how much fun Everleigh had, but at least she didn't complain too much.   The kids are already asking when we can go back.