Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Sunny Easter Egg Hunt

The sun was smiling on us this year at our 11th annual Easter Egg Hunt! Sure beats last year's rain storm. This year instead of looking for eggs with specific stickers on them the kids had to match their treats to what was on their piece of paper. It was not as easy as it looked, but I guess as kids get older you've got to get a bit trickier. Grandma took Sammy and Jaden on a nature walk where they found a fun tree stump! (Not sure why, but Blogger insists on a huge gap here - scroll down, there's more.)

Along with hunting eggs was lots of playing. And more playing. And dog-piles on the trampoline. Have a tree? Grandma will climb! This time Coli went with her. And food!

What's a party without food?

This year we had a bit of a Mexican theme. So the kids made cake-pop maracas. Very Easter-ish.

And what's more Mexican at a party than a pinata?

All the kids had a chance to whack it before it broke.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pretty in Purple

Rachael and Daddy started painting her new room this morning. We got a dark pink primer so hopefully we won't need to do 5 coats of the dark purple.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rachael's Birthday Party

Rachael's birthday party was a little late this year (and this post is even later - sorry about that!) because her best friend was away for three weeks, so we had to wait until she got back. She had her party at the pool again this year. Last time we were in a room right off the pool deck. I knew we wouldn't be in that room this year but thought we'd be in the room sort of above the pool. But we weren't in a room at all! No, they set up some tables in the MAIN HALLWAY!!! Which wouldn't have been so bad excecpt for the fact that we have a two-year-old, who we had to chase the entire hour before we went swimming. Grrr.
But the girls had fun. They played a few rounds of Statue/Museum, opened presents and ate birthday cake (once again made by the amazing Auntie Kendra!).

Then we were off to the pool for some swimming.

Jaden really was looking forward to swimming and had lots of fun.

Happy Birthday, Rachael! I can't believe you're 10 already!