Friday, June 22, 2007

Playtime at the Playground

What would school be with out recess in the playground? Kindergarten gets out of school right when the older kids go outside for recess so I let Rachael play with her friends until the bell rings for the kids to go inside and eat their lunch.

Rachael's favorite playground activities are tag (especially before school), sandbox and lately they've started up soccer every recess.

Sometimes Kaitlyn will go play; sometimes she just likes to hang out with Mom.

Only 4 More Days Of School!

The classroom is starting to look a little bare with all the art work coming down. It must be the end of school. Rachael had lots of fun in her first year of French Immersion and she's looking forward to going to school all day next year in Grade 1.
Oh, my goodness! Did I just say Grade 1? That's way too big! We keep asking her if she can stay little for a while longer but she doesn't go for that.
The eight Kindergarten Kids in Rachael's class sit at tables while the grade one's get desks. And there's always lots of carpet time.
Kaitlyn has loved going to school almost weekly to help out in the classroom. Most of the time she'll simply watch what the older kids are doing, but once in a while she gets involved. She's become the resident-little-sister of the class. At least I'll still have one little girl at home to keep me company. At least for one more year.

Sports Day

I know this will be hard to believe, but - the weather man was wrong! Again! All week the forcast for Sports Day was sunny, and then this morning he changed his mind, because it sure wasn't sunny when we woke up! But, seeing as this is the last Friday of school, there wasn't really anywhere to postpone Sports Day too, so we had it anyway.
Wouldn't you know, the first station they went to was the Freezie station. Freezies in the rain. It was a good thought. A freezie at the end of a long fun day of running in the sun would have been very refreshing, but first thing in the morning in the rain wasn't ideal.
After freezing with Freezies they did ring toss and then a water relay race. Again, had the weather been nicer this would have been more enjoyable. But the kids didn't mind so it's all good. It's officially summer now anyway, at least according to the calendar. You might not know it to look outside. There was the Grab-everything-you-can relay, Sack Races, Pass-the-Baton relay and the Shoe Scramble. On wet grass. Soggy socks anyone? The kindergartens got an added bonus of getting to stay at school all day for Sports Day. Who wants to go home early when there's more fun to be had? After lunch the sun did try to make an appearance, and when it did it was quite warm. There were more water-relays, a bouncy-castle thing, more freezies, sidewalk chalk and very fun-looking red bouncy ball things you ride on. That looked like the most fun of a very fun day.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cute Kids

Nothing really to say in this post. Just took some cute pics of my girls and thought I'd post them. In case you forgot how cute they are!

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's a Zoo Out There!

We picked the one good weather day this week to go on a Field Trip to the zoo! Rachael got to ride on the bus but Mommy and Kaitlyn drove in the car.
When we got there we divided the kids into groups with two parents. We had 5 kids (plus Kaitlyn) and that was plenty to keep track of!
We walked around and saw all the animals, stopped for lunch and played in the playground for a bit. It was more of a zoo in the playground than it was in the rest of the place! I counted 5 school busses plus all the other people so it was a little crowded! Then we hopped on the train for a ride around the park, saw a few more animals and headed back home. Fun times at the zoo.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kaitlyn's First Hair Cut

Last week I gave Rachael a haircut, and now Kaitlyn wanted one, too. This is how long her hair was before (it's wet):And here's here short hair After. Ok, it's not super short but still.
She likes her short hair. I think it makes her look a little more grown up. But, I guess she is three and a half already!