Saturday, December 27, 2008

White Christmas

Well, there was no denying the fact that we had a White Christmas on the Wet Coast this year! In fact, it was so white, that had we not had a truck with 4 wheel drive we would have been having Christmas by ourselves this year! But after opening up a round of presents at home Christmas morning we headed over to Gord and Shannon's for some Froese Family Fun.
And what did I get for Christmas but a new camera! Just in time for the new arrival in a few weeks. It's very nice - and I don't have to reset the date every time I turn it on! It even has a "snow" feature, so I went outside to test it out! Nicole, Chrisaleen, Rachael and Kaitlyn had hours of fun out in the snow - making forts and tunnels and even a snow horse!
On Boxing Day we went to my parents for some more Christmas - Johnathan's first!
He learned how to sit just in time to get a picture of him with his cousins in front of the Christmas tree. They are all holding their new Webkinz -yes, even Johnathan has one now! And our girls each got 4 new ones this season, bringing their totals up to 14 and 15! Enough already? Not if you ask them!
Kaitlyn even got a Santa outfit for her new horse.

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's December In Our Town

"It's December In Our Town" was the school Christmas Concert this year and Rachael and Kaitlyn did a great job singing their songs!
First, the whole school came up to sing a song, then Kaitlyn's class came up, followed by Rachael's class, so we didn't have to wait long to see them.
This is Kaitlyn with Caitlin. Also in her class is a Kaylin! Talk about confusing!

Snow Much Fun!

Coli came over to play with Rachael and Kaitlyn in the snow yesterday.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Whole Handful!

Well, Kaitlyn's birthday came and went - without any snow!!! Yay!!! All but Rachael were excited about this - first time since the year she was born! And now Kaitlyn is a whole handful - 5 years old! Once again Auntie Kendra pulled off an amazing cake - and cupcakes, too! Kaitlyn wanted a Webkinz cake, so not only did Auntie Kendra make an amazing bluejay cake that looks just like Kaitlyn's toy, she also made edible images of all her other Webkinz on cupcakes - plus Bob and Larry, because no birthday in this house is quite complete without at least some VeggieTales. And of course, what 5 year old's party is complete without presents? Kaitlyn loved them all! Thanks to everyone who helped make Kaitlyn's birthday a fun one!