Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to the Patch

Kaitlyn was terribly disappointed that she couldn't come to the pumpkin patch when I took Jaden for his sweater pictures with Johnathan, so we decided to go on Thanksgiving Monday - the busiest weekend of the year, but at least we had nice weather.
This time we found lots more fun things to do. There was a giant bouncy pillow, we went on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch but we didn't bring any home this time because we just got a bunch from Gramps & Gram. We went to the petting zoo and bunny town and Jaden found a tractor just his size while the girls found big slides and a zip line.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

After an unfortunate delay caused by a power failure (couldn't open the garage door! Why don't they come with battery back-up?) Jaden and I went to meet Andree, Johnathan and Elizabeth at the pumpkin patch.
We went for the sole purpose of getting some cute pictures of the boys (in their new sweaters hand made with love by Gram) but the boys were far too distracted with interesting things to look at than to bother with giving smiles for the camera.
It's a good thing they're cute even without the smiles!
The boys had great fun "driving" a tractor.
Jaden doesn't know who this is (Tow Mater - for those of you who haven't seen the movie Cars), but in a few years he'll think this picture is pretty cool.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Our Trip To Whistler

...also known as The Trip We Saw A Million Diggers. More about that later.
We had lots of fun and great weather on our trip. We stayed in a hotel right in the Village so we were able to park our car and just walk everywhere for the rest of the weekend.
We saw the Olympic Rings,
and found a playground with a neat swing and a view of some diggers. We saw so many diggers on our drive up on Friday that we decided to keep a tally and count them on the way home. Guess how many diggers we saw from Whistler Village to our house (not counting the ones in the village or up the mountain.) I'll tell you at the end of the post.
On Saturday we went up the gondolas on the Peak2Peak ride. Thanks to Kaitlyn being still a "tot" (in grade 2? - not that I'm complaining or anything) she and Jaden got to ride up for free! Bonus. We went up the mountain in one gondola
and then across to Blackcomb on another which breaks three world records: Worlds longest free span lift of it's kind; World's highest lift of it's kind; and World's longest continuous lift system. We went there and back again, so we went on four rides. Gotta love those fall colors! Amazing views up there!
We even saw a few bears from the safety of the air. (Don't you see? You can totally tell that black dot is a bear!) At the top of the mountain was a giant inukshuk
and snow! Not much, but enough that we had to get a picture of Rachael in her shorts and t-shirt in the snow. We tried to tell her that it was cold up here, but she didn't believe us. We had an amazing time, and after so much fun it's hard to stay awake. So did you guess how many diggers we saw? And I mean just diggers, not the rollers or dump trucks or things like that. (And not counting diggers that were in sales yards.) Ready??? One hundred eleven diggers. Yes, that's 111 diggers on a Sunday. I'm sure we saw more on Friday driving up. That's a lot of diggers.