Friday, July 29, 2011

The Beach

Finally we had weather warm enough to go to the beach! It's a family tradition that when we go to the "good sand beach" Darcy digs a hole and fills it with water which is kind of gross to look at but gets very warm very quickly. Well now we have three kids, so this means three holes. That's a lot of digging, so we don't mess around with no wimpy beach shovels, we bring out the big guns!

Rachael and Kaitlyn decided to connect theirs and somehow this lead to the idea that they should connect all three, and then remove the "island" in the middle, making a huge Mickey Mouse shaped swimming hole.

We thought about asking if we could borrow that big digger behind Jaden...

Uncle Gord helped shovel and even Jaden did his part.

The kids had fun playing in the puddle

and in the lake, too
But when it was time to go Darcy and Gord decided to break the walls of the puddle, which the kids tried desperatly to repair.
Here's hoping for some more sunny days!