Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lots of Lambs

Every year, since the day she was born, Rachael gets a lamb from Auntie Kendra on her birthday. That's because "Rachael" means "Little Lamb." This is the birthday collection.

Somebody's Six!

Somebody's six? Oh, my goodness, that's WAY too big! But, you can't change the fact that Rachael IS six. She had her first "friends" birthday party and it was a crafty one! These are the people that were there:
They made foamy Princess crowns, played some games, opened presents, made cute pompom animals and of course ate birthday cake. Once again Auntie Kendra pulled through and made an amazing birthday cake! But, then, we expected no less! It's Liz the lizard from Magic School Bus, with VeggieTales balloons! How cute is that!
Thanks Kendra for all your help with the crafts!

Fun times were had by all.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Worms and Dirt! Yummy!

Rachael wanted Worms and Dirt for her "pretend" birthday at Gramps and Gram's house. We even added a frog or two to the mess.
Auntie Kendra is making her a "Liz" (from Magic School Bus) the lizard cake for her real birthday. I'm noticing a reptile/amphibian trend here. This not normal for a 6 year old girl! Oh, well, at least she's not asking for any as pets!
Gramps and Gram gave Rachael exactly what she always wanted! A puppy that came with a travel cage and - most importantly - Doctor tools! Now she can be a vet, just like she wants to be when she grows up!

Leapin Lizards!

Now that we're done with being sick (cross your fingers!) we can actually have some fun this second week of Spring Break!.
At the mall "Safari Jeff and Shannon" had an Animal Kingdom show and brought out all kinds of reptiles and
amphibians. At the end of the show they brought out some of the animals to touch!

Rachael and Kaitlyn both touched an albino snake of some long variety and Rachael touched a big lizard. Then they brought out a baby crocodile that we could only look at.
Rachael loved it, and Kaitlyn tolerated it as long as Mom wasn't too far away.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's finally Spring!

I get to enjoy at least some of the flowers I planted in my garden before we move!
Yesterday was so sunny and warm it made me forget all about the snow we had a week ago! Hopefully we'll have some of that nice sunny weather for Spring Break the next two weeks!